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Screen Cleaning

Why should you get your screens cleaned?

Improved longevity- simply put, the dirtier your screen is, the shorter it’s lifespan. If left unattended for years it will accumulate dirt, and countless other biomatter. Over time, it gets stuck on to your screen causing them to wear out quicker!

Cost efficiency- are you going to open your windows come springtime? With the harmful combination of wind and dusty screens, dust will not only spread out everywhere inside your home but will also wear out your air filter more rapidly. If your air (hvac) filter is left unattended, rest assured, you may incur higher energy costs or system failure.

Overall health- without getting into the possible detrimental effects dirty screens can have on your health, we can honestly say from experience, we often come into contact with screens that are so unbearable that we need nasal protection! We can’t imagine breathing that in 24/7!”

How we do it?


Remove Screens

We remove all your screens from inside your home and take them outside to be cleaned one by one


Clean Screens

All screens are cleaned with our screen cleaning brushes to remove all dust and debris and/or soaked in soap and water to be eventually dried off.


Reinstall Screens

After all screens are professionally cleaned, we haul the screens back inside to reinstall them back to the same window we removed it from.

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When Is The Right
Time To Clean Your

If your home is located in an urban location, once a year is best. If your home is surrounded with many trees and/or located near a ravine, it is recommended to do them twice a year. It is strongly recommended to clean them the same time we clean your windows. There’s something about exquisitely cleaned windows and screens that we can’t quite describe….

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