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For almost a decade, we’ve delivered exceptional window cleaning services in the GTA! Our team of experienced and skilled cleaning technicians is designed to clean any kind of window you have!

Maintaining clean windows is essential to your well-being as more natural light affects mood and energy levels in a positive way. Secondly, clean windows improve the appearance of your own home.


Our window cleaning services are carried out using the latest techniques and equipment.


We accept all requests to clean windows traditionally!

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Additional Services
We Offer

Screen Cleaning

All screens are cleaned with our screen cleaning brushes to remove all dust and debris and/or soaked in soap and water to be eventually dried off.

Track Cleaning

Track cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining your windows and doors. Over time, tracks can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, which can make them difficult to open and close and affect their overall performance.

Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning is an essential service for any construction project, whether it is a small renovation or a large-scale construction site. After construction work is completed, the site can be left with debris, dust.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Our hard water stain removal service uses safe and effective methods to eliminate unsightly mineral buildup from your surfaces, restoring their original shine and leaving your home or business looking its best.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Regular light fixture cleaning not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home or workplace but also ensures the efficient functioning of the light bulbs, extending their lifespan.

Chandelier Cleaning

Our professional chandelier cleaning service uses industry-leading techniques and equipment to restore the shine and luster of your chandelier, ensuring it remains a stunning centerpiece in your home or business.

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